Monday, January 26, 2009

It begins...

I have decided to try and tackle my next entrepreneurial activity. I wanted my next business to be successful, but also sustainable and socially conscious to the environment. Those that know me know that this has become a small passion of mine. While I am not the "greenest" person I know, I am trying to create a more sustainable life for my business(es?) and my family. In this effort, I am introducing Urban Farms Chicago. Go ahead and's at least a little funny.

I know there a few things everybody(the 2 or 3 people that actually read this) are thinking to themselves.

1. Ryan has no idea how to farm. (True)
2. Ryan is not "blue-collar" by any means. (Very True, just ask Justine's dad)
3. Why does Ryan think he can go from knowing absolutely nothing about farming to creating a sustainable farm inside the city limits of Chicago? (He's out of his mind)

All these are very relevant concerns and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. However, I have done some extensive research and believe that this can be a viable business venture. This may take a year, 2 years, or even 10 years if I get sidetracked. However, I will keep everyone posted, as to the developments, throughout the process. Mind you, I am at SQUARE ONE and this may never come fruition, but lets all hope for the best. (Those of you that get the Pun in the previous sentence get a free head of lettuce.)

I'm not going to release all my ideas right now, but let's just say that Urban Farm is not just a clever name. We will be starting a year round, sustainable farm in the city limits of Chicago. If anybody wants to participate, feel free to comment with any ideas or concerns.

Wish me luck!

Be Good,

Ryan Jaskiewicz


  1. I'm getting my farm outfit ready - I'm in!

  2. Awesome, better get allie some baby overalls.


  4. Hi, There are a lot of urban agriculture organizations and projects currently happening in Chicago. You might check out Advocates for Urban Agriculture

  5. Ryan,

    We need to talk man. If your serious about this, I am in the process of outlining a business plan for a similair idea. There is ample government support and more demand than supply for organic, locally produced, GMO free foods in the greater Chicago area.