Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Local, Local, Local.....

So, I was at Whole Foods the other day to buy a couple things and as I was perusing, I found some signs that emphasized the idea that "Local Food" is en vogue. Those that have talked to me about this have heard me say that I think "Local" is the new "Organic". As I walked the aisles of Whole Foods, on either side of the aisle you could see something produced locally or a vegetable that was grown nearby. I did not spend a ton of time there, but closest grown vegetable I saw that day was a cippolini onion from Wisconsin. Call me crazy, but I think we can get closer to home.

Take a look at these pictures and feel free to comment with other places you have seen this, as these will only strengthen my position of wanting to start this farm.

Have a great day!


  1. Ryan,

    I'm an intern architect in chicago, and I'm interested in urban farming as well. I would be interested in volunteering for a project like yours. Let me know how things are moving along for you and when/if you could use the help.



  2. Ryan,

    If you are serious about turning this idea into a profitable venture I would be very interested in helping out with the operations. I think it's a great idea and have some ideas myself.


  3. Ryan,

    Is this something you are still working on? I would also be interested in volunteering should you need the help.

    M. T.

  4. Have you seen this place??
    http://www.uncommonground.com/pages/green/40.php .

    Also, some encouragement. Please please please go ahead with what you are thinking. Please.